We are fighting the
Global Plastic

Our mission is to replace all the plastic
disposables with eco-friendly products.

That is why we have created Effa. A company, making
your everyday life easier and safer for the Planet.

We are fighting
the Global
Plastic Pollution.

So welcome and

Join our Effa family

The international hotel industry is a major contributor, generating 150 million tons of single-use plastic annually.

Your Toothbrush is
worse than you think.
Only 12 percent of single-use plastic is
effectively recycled.

All the toothbrushes you've ever used
still exist in the environment.

How are we changing that?
We have created our first products: Effa Toothbrush
and Effa Razor, both are 100% recyclable and renewable.

The construction of both Toothbrush, Razor allows to
detach the recyclableparts after being used and recycle
them separately

Still, Global plastic pollution awareness is growing and a number of countries are banning single-use plastic products since 2021 - 2022.

Paper soap
Paper q-tips
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to partnership!

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Why is the body of Effa made of paper?
Because it is an eco-friendly and easily-renewable material that helps to reduce
disposable plastic. Trees are not damaged for producing paper: we use sugarcane
paper, a leftover material from sugar production.
Is paper a safe material?
Yes, it’s safe and natural material that does not harm your health.
If you are an eco-friendly company,why are you making disposables?
Our mission is to replace disposable plastic in the world with environmentally safe alternatives. We want to make everyday use products safer for the Planet. So we started with a simple everyday product: a toothbrush.

For how long can I use Effa brush and razor?
We recommend using Effa brush for up to 20 days. You can use Effa razor as long as it's sharp.
Any recommendations for using Effa products?
Please don’t leave Effa in a wet place such as the side of the sink. We recommend putting it at a dry pace: a cup or holder. But don’t worry if Effa got wet. You can put it in a dry place and wait until it fully dries out, and then use it again. 

How hard is the brush?
Effa bush is medium hard.
Do you have a patent?
Yes, we do have patents in several countries.
Where is Effa manufactured?
Now Effa is manufactured in China.

How is Effa better than a bamboo toothbrush?
Effa is easier to recycle.
To recycle bamboo toothbrushes, you need to remove nylon bristles right from the wooden body and put it into different bins. Some bamboo toothbrushes have metal clips that also need to be removed for proper recycling. That's why most bamboo toothbrushes are not recycled.
How can I recycle Effa?
After using Effa you can easily separate the head from the body and put it in different recycling bins.
I already use an electric toothbrush, why do I need Effa?
Great if you already use electric toothbrushes or oral irrigators.
Effa toothbrush is a good option when you need disposable product: for example when you are traveling, in a hospital, gym, camping, ect.
Are you making nozzles for electric toothbrushes?
We are not making nozzles yet. But this is a great plan for future development, so stay tuned for more updates!
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Make the planet green again

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Be the first to get your Effa
We are launching our crowdfunding campaign really soon. Subscribe to be the first who know and buy your firs Effa.

Make the planet green again
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