We are fighting

the Global Plastic


We are Effa - a company that fights global plastic pollution by creating

100% recyclable and renewable hygienic products. Our first products

are a paper toothbrush and a paper razor.

History & team
Effa is a family-founded startup, the founders are Dasha and Ilya Kichuk. Ilya is an industrial and brand designer with more than 10 years of experience, has always dreamed of creating a product that can actually make our world a better place, and that is how Effa was born.

The company was founded back in 2018 and has been working with B2B clients in the travel industry, having sales with multiple clients in different regions: Marriott, Radisson, Lotte hotels, etc. COVID-19 has affected Effa sales a lot, and that’s why the team started retail sales in Ukraine. Very soon our product will be available in local groceries. We are also developing sales worldwide working with the travel industry, governmental procurement and offices of big corporations.

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